Parents are hard-wired to seek ways to keep their children happy, healthy, and safe and it’s not as easy to do this as it was 50 years ago.

With the steady rise of children falling on the autistic spectrum, battling cancer, dealing with learning and speech delays, ADD, ADHD, and diabetes, we have to ask ourselves why and what can we do to protect our children.

The why includes looking at toxic exposure (as early as in the womb), genetics, digestive health function, and diet.

I help parents to navigate and choose what is best for their children. This often starts with changing a child’s diet and working on a healthy gut. We often forget that our gut is our second brain and if compromised, will affect overall brain function. Genetics and environmental toxins are a big part of the puzzle as well.

An in depth family history, a thorough evaluation, along with proper testing are needed in order to get to the root cause of the diseases and conditions that so many families are dealing with and to help your children thrive.

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