Taking A Look Under The Hood

Taking a Look Under The Hood

With a comprehensive stool test

Seeing how 70% of our immune system resides in our digestive tract, proper digestion is essential for optimal health. Some health issues that begin with a gut imbalance include maldigestion, chronic dysbiosis, fungal overgrowth, IBS, UTI’s, food allergies, brain fog and nutrient deficiencies.

But digestive problems can go beyond these and even beyond the common signs of gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn and diarrhea. Leaky gut can trigger autoimmune disorders, arthritis, eczema and other hard-to-treat conditions.

Looking under the hood, which is what a comprehensive stool test is actually doing, is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools I use with my clients.  It really tells a story and has often surprised me in that, what was happening under the hood was not manifesting with any obvious digestive distress but in skin issues, sleep and mood disorders, and period problems; all areas we would never associate with the gut.

For a stool analysis, a poop sample is collected at home and sent to the lab where a variety of tests are performed evaluating digestion, absorption, inflammation, adequacy of stomach acid and digestive enzymes, good and pathogenic bacteria, the presence of yeast and parasites and additional digestive health markers.

And again, this comprehensive test can often go way beyond figuring out your digestive problems. Testing to see what’s going on in the digestive track is one of the key components of understanding the root cause of many diseases. 

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