Frequently Asked Questions for the 30 Day Transformational Cleanse

Q. Is this a Juice Cleanse? A.  No. This Reset Cleanse focuses on eliminating foods that are toxic to the body and disrupt hormones, and replacing them with boosting healing food. Instead of drinking juices, which are often high in sugar and low in fiber (and other essential nutrients), we’ll be eating real, living foods that help balance hormones, cleanse, and reset … Read more

Heal Your Body/Transform Your Life

Join me for 30 days to “Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life” This Transformative Detox/Cleanse is powerful on many levels.  It will help you discover the healing power that’s already within you.  This 30 day plan is responsible, sustainable, and it works!  It’s designed to empower you, not only during the 30 day cleanse, but … Read more

30 Day Reset Cleanse Shakes and Supplements

I recommend the shakes and supplements listed below to enhance the detoxification and cleansing process while on your 30 day Transformational Cleanse.  Everything listed here adds support during your journey but is not mandatory. I do like to recommend the shakes to replace a meal while on the cleanse just to simplify things but again, not mandatory and the program … Read more

Eating During the Holidays is Not About Perfection. It's about Finesse.

I was settling in to write this post when a perfect email from Dr. Mark Hyman landed in my inbox. Many of you may see his emails but just in case, what he had to say was noteworthy and I’m sharing a chunk of it here. I’ve also added  a few of my own tricks and suggestions … Read more