Detox Package

This Detox Combo below is one of my favorites!   The combination of these products offer a wonderfully fully supported and safe detoxification of the liver and kidneys, soothes and heals the digestive system, and helps to gently with improve elimination.  The shakes taste great and are a plant based rice and pea protein, offering about 24 grams of protein per serving. I recommend using one scoop of each for a complete meal replacement. (I have a shake recipe posted under recipes).  This combo can be ordered by simply clicking on the link and putting in a code that you’ve received from me.  If you do not already have your code,  you can get it by emailing me, [email protected].  It’s that easy.  Now let’s get started!!!

This Shake supplies 21 Grams of protein,
4000 mg Glutamine, Broccoli Seed Extract
to increase our body’s
own antioxidant production,
Immunoglobulins to support and heal the
 digestive system.

This supplement is a blend of ingredients that
supports liver detoxification and health and energy

An easily mixed fiber blend that promotes
 bowel regularity, detoxification, and contains
a pre-biotic to help good bacteria grow

This shake supplies 26 grams of protein 
Has a multi-vitamin built into it, and has ingredients
that will support the liver and kidneys during detoxification
and support the digestive tract and elimination as well.

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